[Team Elite Genetics] Creme De La Creme

by The Big Dabowski on December 6, 2018

Creme De La Creme


Elite OG x Grandma's Cookies

The Flavor

The flavor on the Creme De La Creme comes strong with a earthy flavor followed by a cookie after tastes with a hard hit to the lungs like a true hard hitting cookie cut.

The Aroma

The Creme De La Creme comes so heavy with that Earthy OG aroma that you know this will be a hard hitting indica strain

The Experience

The buzz starts off on your eyes and moves down your head to your body . The high then creaps down your back relaxing your muscles all the way down your body providing full body relaxation. Your eyes continue to lower as the high enhances down your body relaxing you all over.

Final Words

This is the perfect strain for indoor late night medicating when having no priorities to worry about. I would recommend indulging in the Creme De Le Creme in the evening when watching Movies, relaxing, watching TV, playing board games, or getting down on some video games.

[ Creme De La Creme ]
[ Elite OG x Grandma’s Cookies ]
[ 100% Indica ]
[ 23.00% THC ]
[ 0.06 CBD ]
 [ 27.34% Total Cannabinoids]

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