[Jungle Boys] Mac

by The Big Dabowski on February 10, 2019



Alien Cookies x Columbian Gold x Starfighter

Breeder: @Capulator #CapsCuts

The Flavor

The flavor on the Mac is one of the most unique strains I have tasted with an exotic lemon line cookie flavor profile leaving you wanting more and more

The Aroma

The Mac punches you in the nose with a fruity lemon line cookie aroma that is one I have never experienced. The smell on this strain screams "exotic" with the unique flavor profile you will experience.

The Experience

The buzz starts in the chest and head at the same time hitting hard in both. You are gifted with a heavy head change and a heavy relaxation hitting your full body. The head high on the Mac hits right in your temples and third eye also proving a euphoric sensation as you look around the world.

Final Words

Even with this being a 80/20 indica dominant strain because of the euphoric effects I feel this would be an amazing strain being out with people as you are also feeling uplifted while feeling a heavy relaxation on your body and a heavy head change to go with it. When I smoke this strain I feel like I am at Disneyland even when just chilling in my room.

[ Glue #113 ]
[ Chem Sister x Sour Double x Chocolate Diesel ]
[ 80% Indica / 20% sativa ]
[ 26.41 THC ]
[ 0.05 CBD ]
[ 31.51% Total Cannabinoids]

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