[Jungle Boys] Glue #113

by The Big Dabowski on January 30, 2019

Glue #113


Chem Sister x Sour Double x Chocolate Diesel

The Flavor

The flavor on the Glue #113 comes hard with a unique pallet with a chocolate / earthy flavor that tastes amazing as you exhale

The Aroma

The aroma on the Glue #113 comes heavy with a Chocolate burst that hits your nostrils making you smile. You will also notice a sweet earthy coffee scent to go along with the Chocolate making this a unique aroma.

The Experience

The high on the Glue #113 starts off in your eyes and forehead as your eyes lower and your mind slows down a bit. You feel it move down your face as your cheeks get warmer and the medication moves down to your chest. You feel your shoulders and chest relaxing as your muscles loosen.

You feel the high slowly moving down to your upper back as you feel more elevated in other areas already hit. The high enhances once more and you are left with an upper body / head high leaving one relaxed with a heavy head change that leaves most wanting to stay indoors as things become more sloth like.

Final Words

For me with the heavy head change and relaxation coming from this strain it is best to stay indoors as the high can leave you only wanting to chill and relax and is not the best strain for getting shit done

[ Glue #113 ]
[ Chem Sister x Sour Double x Chocolate Diesel ]
[ 30% Indica / 70% sativa ]
[ 23.5 THC ]
[ 0.04 CBD ]
[ 27.45% Total Cannabinoids]

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