[Gold Seal SF] Dosi Dos

by The Big Dabowski on January 9, 2019

Dosi Dos


OGKB x Face Off OG

The Flavor

The flavor on the Dos Dos tasted like some lovely berry funk with an earthy aftertaste that I personally was not a fan of. I still did enjoy this smoke.

The Aroma

The aroma on the Dosi Dos fills your nose with a very earthy aroma

The Experience

The buzz on the Dosi Dos starts in your head providing a sense of euphoria as the high rolls downward through your shoulders, chest, and down your legs. You feel relaxed as the high continues to enhance slowly as times passes. You are also gifted with a nice head change, but your thoughts are clear and focused.

Final Words

With the high on the Dosi Dos being heavy and relaxing I feel this strain is best for indoor use. Your mind is clear, but you do not get the uplifting energetic effect with this strain making this a better indoor strain for me. This strain will also give you the munchies, which makes this perfect for those who need the extra appetite.

[ Dosi Dos ]
[ OGKB x Face Off OG ]
[ Unknown Indica > Sativa Dominance ]
[ 18.60 THC ]
[ 0.00 CBD ]
 [ Unknown Total Cannabinoids]

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